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Our company was founded in 1988 on the idea of helping those in need. Every since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest. We can provide a helping hand, identify the solution, unlock the door or provide funding to complete a transaction. We are commercial real estate private money loan brokers that represents a syndicate of over 400 private lenders that grant loans ranging from $15,000.00 to $200,000,000.00. Loan approval is not based upon credit or income, but the deal. Their is always money available for good deals and we know where it is located. Get short term or long term funds quick for flips, holds, refinances, purchases, construction or bridges. Conventional funds have all but dried up. Yet the market is packed with private funds, and we are your #1 passport to this source of funding. Maximum LTV is 75% to 90% on most loans and the seller can carry a 10% second mortgage on most purchase deals. Contact us before you structure your deal and negotiate the contract so that we may help you to minimize your over all cash investment in your project.

Andre Davis, MBA, LRB, CPLB

Austin Marcel Mtg & Rlty Inv Co
4108 NW 37th Drive
Gainesville, 32606


Phone:(352) 665-9507

E-mail: andredavis@austinmarcel.com

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